Walks and Hikes

Here are some great walks and hikes to do on Magnetic Island.
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The Forts Walk

The Forts Walk on Magnetic Island,
the island's most popular trail, offering a delightful blend of history and nature. This 2.8km track, taking approximately 1.5 hours round trip, begins at The Forts Car Park. While moderately challenging, the walk rewards you with stunning views and a high chance to spot wild koalas along the way. Immerse yourself in the island's rich heritage as you explore the World War II fortifications and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Remember to bring water, wear comfortable shoes, and keep an eye out for the island's iconic marsupials!
Distance/Time: 2.8km 1.5hrs return
Depart: The Forts Car Park
Difficulty: Moderate

The Butterfly Walk

This is such a beautiful and easy walk filled with butterflies, it really is magical!
Distance/Time: 100m (Approx) 15min
Depart: Horseshoe Bay
Difficulty: Eas

Nelly Bay to Endevour Falls

The island's most popular waterfall, Endevour Falls is a great swimming hole and bushwalk from Nelly Bay.
Distance/Time: 6km 2hrs
Depart: Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay
Difficulty: Moderate

Hawkings Point

Stunning 360 degree views of Picnic Bay, West Point, Nelly Bay and Geoffory Bay.
Distance/Time: 600m 30mins
Depart: Picnic Bay
Difficulty: Moderate

Non-Road Accessed Bays Walk

Explore the most beautiful bays, including the most instagrammed beach in Australia! Arthur Bay, Florence Bay, Radical Bay and the nudist beach Balding Bay.
Distance/Time: 2.8km 1.5hrs return
Depart: The Forts Car Park or Horseshoe Bay
Difficulty: Advanced

West Point Walk

Not accessed by car, unless 4X4, enjoy the most spectacular sunsets and fishing the island has to offer. Stop at waterfalls and Cockle Bay along the way.
Distance/Time: 8km 2.5hrs
Depart: Picnic Bay
Difficulty: Easy